New footage that showcases the supposed Celtic home kit for the 2024/25 season has surfaced, giving us our closest look yet at some of the top's less orthodox features.

Images of the proposed green and white hoops for next season appeared online earlier this month, with fans quickly debating the inclusion of the dark green, dart-like trims that run up either side from the strip's bottom seam.

As noted in the comments of the @footbalion_collector TikTok account, there's a good chance this particular design decision is in-line with Adidas' universal template for its next run of kits across the globe. 

If this is the case, it'd be similar to how the German brand has swapped the position of its iconic three stripes - sometimes running under the arm, other times running down the shoulder, for example - on given kits in given years.

What seems less likely to be standardised, however, is the width of the top green hoop on the back of the proposed leaked kit.

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As posted by the TikTok creator, the jersey appears to include a semi-circle-like block of green just below the celtic design-inspired collar before breaking out into its uniformly-spaced green and white hoops.

Internet commenters have likened this design quirk to something Sporting Lisbon of Panathinaikos have worn in years past, billing the top overall as "bland" and "average".

Other more hopeful prospective buyers observe that while this season's home kit was unorthodox in its interpretation of the hoops, many fans came round to it in the end.

Having clinched the 2023/24 Scottish Premiership last week, Brendan Rodgers and his players now turn their attention the Scottish Cup Final 2024 against Rangers at Hampden Park this Saturday, May 25.