Neil Lennon will be tasked to restore authority to Rapid Bucharest after being named the club's new manager.

The former Celtic manager has agreed a two-year deal at the Romanian club and chairman Dan Sucu has called for Lennon to stamp out 'partying and overweight players' at the club.

Lennon - described as "very authoritative" by Rapid in his unveiling - is expected to improve fitness levels and professionalism at the club through culture "based on seriousness, work and success".

Sucu is optimistic Lennon will have a major impact at Rapid as he warned the club will no longer have players who "demonstrate their rapidity at 3 in the morning from the disco or on the ski slopes, or who show up to the team with extra pounds than the optimal weight".

In a statement confirming Lennon's appointment, Sucu said: "He [Lennon] comes from a soccer culture, the Anglo-Saxon one, based on seriousness, work, success. A culture where decisions, once made, are no longer commented on or negotiated, but simply implemented.

"A coach with exceptional results, experienced but still young, energetic, very authoritative, a true leader. And, on top of everything, a coach who can make balanced decisions without coming with a baggage of dislikes or subjective preferences regarding the team.

"I am convinced that we will no longer have players who demonstrate their rapidity at 3 in the morning from the disco or on the ski slopes, or who show up to the team with extra pounds than the optimal weight.

"I am also convinced that, next season, the physical preparation, commitment and determination of our team will be at a significantly increased level compared to the season just ended."

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Lennon said of his major switch to Romania, after links with Hibs and Aberdeen: "In the beginning, I spoke with Mr. Șucu and Daniel Sandu, I had extensive discussions with them. Then we met again a few weeks ago and I was very impressed with the project they presented to me.

"I was very impressed by Mr. Șucu, he is a very strong, very intelligent man, a man with principles. It was impressive to me.

"Then, talking to Daniel as well, it was a simple decision for me. I am very happy to be here, I know that Rapid is a very important name in the history of Romanian football. It's an opportunity for me.

"I hope to create a strong connection between myself and the fans, but that comes with getting positive results and performing. It is my responsibility. I know they are very passionate supporters who love the club.

"They are similar to Celtic fans. I want us to perform, that's my main goal. I hope to meet the supporters soon and I will do everything possible to perform with Rapid"