Dermot Gallagher reckons referee Don Robertson was right to send off Hyun-Jun Yang in Celtic's loss to Heart of Midlothian but suggested both penalty calls were harsh.

The former Premier League referee put the incidents under the microscope on Sky Sports Ref Watch after a flashpoint-filled contest at Tynecastle Park.

Celtic were first awarded a penalty after 13 minutes when Yang went down in the box under a challenge from Alex Cochrane. However, Gallagher claims the decision was "extremely harsh" and admitted he thought the foul had been given the other way when he first reviewed the footage.

Quizzed on the call, he said: "Extremely [harsh]. I actually thought it was a foul the other way but the referee gave it.

"Cochrane was in front so I find it hard to see how he commits the foul.

"All I can think is, when you see the other angle whether the referee thinks he trips him, I don't know.

"But I think the Celtic player goes into Cochrane himself."

Yang was then sent off for Celtic minutes later for a high boot which caught Cochrane on the face.

While Gallagher conceded Yang was unlucky, he stated the VAR decision was correct with it "inevitable" for a red card to be shown after Yang caught Cochrane.

He explained: "I think the player is unlucky but I think that it is a red card. I think the player is unlucky because he has no idea where the other player is and he's genuinely going in to get the ball.

"But if you catch a player in the face with your studs, it's inevitable you're going to get a red card.

"I just think if you catch someone with your studs in the face, you're going to get a red card."

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Hearts then were awarded a penalty of their own - which Jorge Grant scored - for a handball offence by Tomoki Iwata.

The midfielder had been bumped as he competed for the ball in the air before the ball hit off his arm in the penalty box.

Gallagher again branded the decision harsh but credited officials for consistency over very strict handball calls this season.

He added: "I think so [harsh decision]. But what you would say is, we've seen this in the Scottish league all season.

"The one thing they've been consistent about, any incident like that has been penalised for handball.

"I think harsh, I think very, very unlucky. But to their credit, every single one they've given."